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Various Home Improvements from Netherfield, Nottingham

Quality foundation work is an important part of our home improvements. As highly experienced groundworkers in Netherfield, Nottingham, we offer all types of drainage and pipework as well as digging work for extensions, garage footings, and bases. By taking care of all the digging work, this makes it easier for us to fit any pipes after. Our fully qualified team of professionals fully prepare the space for you.

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By digging out footings or garage bases, we can make sure that everything is ready for additional garage or room space. If you are looking into fitting an extension onto your home or business premises, starting with a good foundation is the first step to ensure that it is built correctly and will not sink.


By installing the initial foundations, our dedicated team can guarantee that everything is level and smooth. This makes any builder’s job easy and hassle-free.

Drainage Work

An effective drainage system is essential to keeping your driveway in the best condition possible, without water sitting on top.  Along with a gradual slope, we install the most suitable drainage system possible to take away excess water.

When you already have an extension and simply need a new drainage system for the extra space, we are able to join up the pipework properly for you. Our professionals can install brand-new pipework for the new build to put your mind at ease.